Staff Directory

Division of Chief of Staff
Name Title Phone
Mychael Dickerson Chief of Staff 443-809-8706
Tracy Gover Senior Executive Assistant 443-809-8706
Dr. Carol Batoff Executive Liaison 443-809-9941
Tony Baysmore Director, Governmental Relations and Constituency Services 443-809-4083
Employee and Student Hearings
Name Title Phone
Allyson Huey Manager 443-809-8798
Department of Communications and Community Outreach
Fax: 410-887-4308
Name Title Phone
Alyssa Alston Senior Communications Officer 443-809-9279
Diana Spencer Communications Officer 443-809-4243
Brian Hiles Digital Media and Design Specialist 443-809-9316
Brandon Oland Communications Specialist 443-809-7801
Dolores Pierorazio Executive Administrative Assistant 443-809-5908
Linda DeWit Administrative Secretary 443-809-4554
Copy and Print Services
Name Title  Phone
Jennifer Drury Supervisor 443-809-6334
Ida Turner Technician IV 443-809-6334
Paul Seed Technician IV 443-809-6334
Cameo LaCotti Technician II 443-809-6334
Maria Seeman Technician II 443-809-6334
Michael Crockett Technician I 443-809-6334
Andrew Manik Technician I 443-809-6334
John Rutoskey Print Graphics Assistant 443-809-6334
Governmental Relations and Constituency Services
Name Title Phone
Vacant Executive Officer 443-809-4083
Family and Community Engagement
Name Title Phone
Nora Murray Project Specialist 443-809-4329
Susan Hahn Project Specialist 443-809-0365
Charles Herndon Communications Specialist 443-809-4171
Rai Cary Communications Assistant 443-809-4496
Main Line: 443-8094293
Fax: 410-887-5566
Name Title Phone
Eric Dodson Manager 443-809-4404
John Bushman Producer/Director 443-809-4401
Craig Crawley Producer 443-809-4402
Patricia DeFatta Producer 443-809-4403
Daylan Jones Producer 443-809-4405
Jennifer Dressel Administrative Secretary 443-809-4293
Victor Medina Videographer 443-809-4406
Stephen Jones Videographer 443-809-4421
Pat Schroeder Editor/Engineer 443-809-4407
Dan Shipp Graphics 443-809-4408
Carlton Sucher Master Control 443-809-4409