Baltimore County Junior Council


The Baltimore County Junior Councils (BCJC) is a newly created, student-led organization that supports middle school administrators, the Board of Education of Baltimore County, and the Maryland Association of Student Councils by providing valuable input and feedback on issues that affect all students.

BCJC Executive Board

The goal of BCJC is to provide an organized platform for middle school students to serve their school and community through three main focus areas:

  • Student leadership
  • School events and activities
  • Service within the community

BCJC is governed by three elected officers and an appointed executive board that meets on a regular basis throughout the school year. BCJC is part of the Baltimore County Student Council legislative body, known as the general assembly, which is comprised of students from each middle and high school. The general assembly meets five times per year to propose, debate, and vote upon student-written legislation dealing with student issues. The executive board supports each school-based student council and also lobbies at the local, state, and federal levels of government on behalf of BCPS students.

BCJC Executive Board Members

Platform **Coming Soon**

Calendar of Events

Middle School Student Council Advisors


Baltimore County Junior Council Officer Application

BCSC Principal of the Year  

BCSC Advisor of the Year  

Superintendents Cup 

Baltimore County Student Council Officer Application (BCJC)
Applications for officer positions are due by April 19, 2022.
Award applications are due by April 29, 2022


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